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A division of
the American Farm
School of Thessaloniki

Perrotis College

Perrotis College – a division of the American Farm School – is a private college in Thessaloniki offering 4-year Bachelor’s and 2-year Master’s degrees in the English language, accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

If you are interested in studying environmental science, agriculture, food science and technology, international business, and digital marketing with a practical training focus, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our unique campus offers a student life experience similar to what you would find in Europe and the United States. State-of-the-art labs and 360° classrooms will become your tools in a learning journey unlike any other in the country.

At Perrotis College, you will participate in innovative research; collaborate with scientists from all over the world; discover new entrepreneurship paths; contribute to food safety improvement, natural resources preservation and the protection of the planet; and you will get a head start to employment opportunities.

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All degrees awarded by Perrotis College are validated by Cardiff Metropolitan University, one of the most distinguished institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom. The College has been granted initial accreditation by the New England Commission for Higher Education (NECHE) in the United States.


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Perrotis Bachelor's

Perrotis College Bachelor’s degrees provide students with the knowledge to excel in future academic pursuits and develop meaningful careers in agriculture, agribusiness, food science, environmental science and international business.

Sustainability is our emblem when it comes to our curriculum, our set of values and the ethos of our graduates.


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Perrotis Master's

The Graduate School programs focus on applied research, practical training, and entrepreneurship, guided by the principles of social responsibility. Students are offered a holistic learning approach through selected courses, common for all degrees in the first semester, before moving on to focus on the specialization of their choice. The duration of studies is 1.5 to 2 years with the possibility of attending 50% of the courses online.


Perrotis College Scholarships ensure access to the educational program to undergraduate and graduate students with distinct academic performance regardless of their economic background.


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Perrotis facilities

At the heart of the Perrotis College educational experience is the institution’s Learn By Doing philosophy. Students have access to state-of-the-art scientific labs as well as living labs including the wider campus and educational farm.

The College’s academic offerings are enhanced through a network of student support services and a diverse community life unique on higher education campuses in Greece.




Perrotis College students are offered internship opportunities either at the Institution or at collaborating companies of the agro-food sector. Career counseling and support is also offered by the Career Office.

The Office supports students and graduates to come into direct contact with potential employers or continue their graduate studies and organizes presentations by companies, and Career Days to bring together current students and graduates with industry leaders.

  • Perrotis College offered me unique educational opportunities and helped me realize my potential

    Christos Kolympiris

    Associate Professor in Innovation
    and Entrepreneurship
    at Warwick Business School

  • Perrotis College prepares you for competitive careers at an international level

    Angela Gjekanovikj

    Business Development
    Executive at
    Infosys Limited

  • Perrotis College inspired my entrepreneurial thinking and encouraged me to be an independent woman with a bright future

    Valerija Marinkovic

    Market Research
    Associate at IvyExec

  • Studying at Perrotis was the best experience of my life; It helped me discover what I want to do and how to pursue it

    Oli Svilecik

    Scientific and Regulatory
    Affairs Export
    Officer at Kraft Heinz

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